Mary’s Pilgrimage Praise

Mary’s Pilgrimage Praise.

Our parishes have received more expressions of gratitude from our parishioners for Mary's pilgrimage around parishes during The month May.

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They claimed that the program was successfully launched from the beginning to the conclusion. They added that the colorful activities involved everyone traveling with Mary's sculpture, signifying her presence as she traveled across rivers, over valleys and mountains, and along the coastal areas.

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Others who are far away from their parish have followed social media and have been blessed seeing only the pictures are also part of the event giving out their congratulation and asking Mama Mary for prayer for intercession.

Others observed that Mary's pilgrimage made it possible for people who couldn't be there, like the elderly and disables, to participate in the festivities and asked Mary to intercede on their behalf.

In addition, people who are unable to participate in Eucharistic celebrations have sensed Mary's call and seen that the church is alive.

In summary, Mary’s pilgrimage carries both religious and symbolic meanings, emphasizing faith, devotion, and connection to the Divine.

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