St. Martha Women’s Success a Day Gathering.

St. Martha Women’s Success a Day Gathering.

The Saint Martha Women of Gizo parish wrapped up their one-day seminar on Spiritual Formation and Planning on Saturday, May 25th, at Loga Island.

The program began with Thanksgiving mass and a beautiful homily by Fr. Dominic Soloko. They then engaged in a variety of activities to keep themselves busy all day.

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Reporting was Sr. Teresa Tebaia OP saying that they had their meditation to keep them close to the Spirit, followed by indoor games to keep them prepared for the day’s sessions.

The main topics of discussion included contributions about the goals and mission of the Catholic women's movement inside the church and the value of communication in building healthy connections with God, other people, and oneself.

The program was run by two Dominican sisters, Sr. Bari and Sr. Teresa and Janet Burabura, along with their executives, Clotilda and Joy. The program involved twenty women from St. Peters Parish of Gizo.

These women expressed their gratitude as they really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to their next events, stated Sr. Teresa Tebaia OP.

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